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Couples Therapy | Relationship Counseling

Couples therapy is a powerful tool for strengthening your relationship, regardless of where you currently are in your journey together. Whether you are just starting, considering marriage, looking to improve an already strong relationship, or actively dealing with marital issues, couples therapy can help you develop skills and tools to build a strong and lasting connection with your partner. If your relationship is dealing with issues of trust, communication, infidelity, intimacy, sexual conflict, financial conflict, in-laws-related conflict, or other relationship-related issues and you are motivated to make a change, I would be privileged to help you in your relationship growth journey. My approach to couples therapy is to create a non-judgmental, safe, and collaborative space for you and your partner to experience healing and growth. In couples therapy, you will learn how to communicate effectively, deepen your emotional connection, and work together to create a happier and healthier relationship. 


The current private pay rate for a 50-55min session is $125. We can provide a superbill that you may be able to submit to your insurance to get reimbursed. 

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